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Do you know that in the US only 40% of businesses are women owned? And guess what? Women business owners make half what men business owners do! If you are an ambitious woman with dreams of starting your own Mental Health Private Practice, I can help you bridge that gap! I know what it takes to start off with a dream and make it reality, I know what works and what doesn’t.


I can provide you with attorney approved forms such as: Intake forms, Contracts, HIPAA, Insurance fee-increase letters, Metrics& many more!


Are you tired of watching YouTube videos trying to figure it out on your own?

Check out my free Women owned Guideline to a Better Practice. I can also provide the forms you need & templates that you can customize and make your own


I condensed all my knowledge and business owning experience into this E-Book, this is your A-Z comprehensive guideline to owning a successful practice.

No memberships, no monthly costs, no commitment that you later on have to cancel. I’ve created this super affordable E-Book just for you! This is all you need to start your private practice for less than the cost of one session! 

Free checklist

If you are a woman and want to open a Mental Health Practice you NEED to download my checklist, no worries it’s completely free. I created it to be a guide for all women business owners who just need a little guidance, men are welcome too

Take a peek, don’t be shy


I offer 1:1 consulting where we may discuss:

  • Goals for your practice
  • Paneling with insurance
  • Growing your business and guidance on how to do so
  • Marketing your business


Why attend a workshop?

  • You can talk to me and ask me anything you want
  • Informative but also fun opportunity to meet ambitious business owners just like you
  • Brochures will be provided with links for resources to grow your practice

About me

Hello ladies, my name is Dina

I am a Mental Health Group Practice owner of PsycHealth Services. I love being a therapist and working for myself has always been my dream. When I started my private practice it was exhilarating and it gave me an opportunity to structure my business in a way that works with my lifestyle, but at the same time it was also terrifying… After all, I only knew how to support clients. I did not have experience running or marketing a business. I also did not have a mentor to help me, so I had to learn by myself.. and there was a lot to learn. Truth is, opening a practice is a tedious and complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be.  Let me help you with my experience and resources. If you are an ambitious woman considering opening a Mental Health practice or already own a practice and want to expand, you’re on the right website

Contact me, it would be a privilege to join you on your journey to success. 


I tried to keep my life and interesting here are few things that I enjoy;


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